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January 12th 2019

Tax Planning & Market Outlook - 12/01/2019 - PRNAM (Ivory Banquets)

Ivory Banquets, 2nd floor, Vishnu Shivam Mall, Thakur Village, Kandivali East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400101

Why Attend

Highlights of the Seminar:

  • Various sections like 80C, 80D deductions & how to make use of them.
  • Other sections & tax saving tools which are beneficial for salaried employees.
  • Are we declaring the right proofs to the HR? What needs to be taken care off before declaring.
  • Importance of proper declaration and what has to be done in case you forget to declare any proof.
  • Current market scenario and breakdown causes.
  • Equity or Debt which is better in the current scenario?
  • Learn how to plan and link our life goals with investments.
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