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Gift Deed

Your loved ones deserve more than your time.
Show them how much they mean to you. Gift Happiness, Gift Security to your loved ones


Did you know that you can gift your financial assets to your loved ones?

Yes, gifting of property and money is allowed wherein you can gift these assets to your family. For gifting these assets, however, a gift deed is required to be made. This deed transfers the ownership of your property in the name of your loved one. We, at Financial Hospital, help you in making a gift deed for transferring your property or money.


Gift deed, Property gift deed

Turn your Property into a Gift

Transfer your existing property by registering a gift deed to the recipient.

Gift deed, Property gift deed

Comprehensive Gift Deed Service

Our personnel assist you at every step of the way in the gift deed process. Get round the clock support and expert advice from our panel.

Gift deed, Property gift deed

No Tax Implication

As the property is transferred via a Gift Deed, there are no tax implications in it.

Speedy Transfer to Person of Choice

A Gift Deed is a quick way to transfer your property to the person of your choice. You can choose any person (living) to whom to transfer your property to, while you live. This would be your way of showing your loved ones that you love them. If you need assistance with making a valid property gift deed, we are here to help. Let us know what you would want to gift and to whom and we would help you in making and registering the property gift deed or the deed of gift of money.

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Transfer your Property with Zero Monetary Involvement

A Gift Deed is one of the simplest and easiest ways to transfer your property to your loved ones. There is no exchange of money involved when you transfer the property via a deed. So, no unnecessary or unwanted expenses and you can transfer your property or money to your loved one’s ownership through a deed. It is legal, simple, quick and also free of cost.

Gift deed, Property gift deed

Personalized Advisor

Transferring property or money via a deed is a legal affair and you might have questions regarding it. You might want to have a clear understanding of the process of the deed of gift of real estate or money. Alternatively, you might have doubts too about the legality of the process. If you do, you don’t need to worry. We are here for that as well. A dedicated advisor will ensure that all your queries, doubts, and issues are resolved concerning the deed. No more ambiguity! Just ask us and we would answer!

Personalised for you

So, we provide you three essential services when you want to create a property gift deed or a deed of gift of money. At our platform you can get the following benefits -

  • Comprehensive Service

    Right from knowing which of your assets do you want to gift to ensuring the execution of the deed, we help you at all steps of the way. You just have to inform us about the property to be gifted and the person for whom the gift is meant and leave the rest to us. We give you comprehensive services in the creation and execution of the deed so that your loved ones receive your heartfelt gift without any hiccups.
  • Expert Advice and Guidance

    If you need guidance with the process of property gift deed, our experts are at your service. We endeavour to guide you and advice you on the deed process so that you can easily transfer your property as a gift to your family.
  • Dedicated Certified Advisors

    Our advisors are certified in their field of work and also dedicated to your cause. We assign personalised advisors to cater to your wishes of gifting your property to your loved ones. You can seek the help of our certified advisors to create a deed and also to solve any queries which you have with the gift deed. Our advisors would never turn you away, we promise you that!

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once and we promise you would never look back!!

We are one of the best Gift deed service provider in India and you would not be disappointed. We promise to provide you with one of a kind gift deed services for your finances complete with experts.

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