WHEN 18th January 2019 From 3:00 PM
WHERE Vikhroli

About Seminar

"Paying half of what you earn towards taxes is the biggest negligence".

Tax is something which cannot be understood well by any individual than tax experts. The concern we as a salaried individual is how do I save more and reduce tax liability. If you see out of 12 months, nearly 3 months we end up working to pay Tax. This situation can be better handled by appropriate Tax Planning.

How is always our concern?

Why Attend

Highlights –

  1. How to save tax without doing any additional investments.
  2. Various sections like 80C, 80D deductions & how to make use of them.
  3. Other sections & tax saving tools which are beneficial for salaried employees.
  4. Are we declaring the right proofs to the HR? What needs to be taken care off before declaring.
  5. Importance of proper declaration and what has to be done in case you forget to declare any proof.


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