Cost of delay in Retirement Planning

Cost of delay in Retirement Planning can be very costly

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” – Chinese Proverb

Right time to start retirement planning is NOW! Ideally the day when you start earning we should start saving for retirement. But it rarely happens. Many time we get retirement planning advice but very few people implement the advice immediately. Delays in implementing the retirement plan is costly. Let me share a story of Mr. Ajay who was aged 25 when I discussed his retirement plan with him. But he took his own sweet time to implement the advice. So when we reviewed his plan again after 10 years, it was completely changed.

Mr. Ajay started his career at the age of 22 with Large private sector company as Assistant Manager after his MBA from an reputed institute. Through an acquaintance he got in touch with me and asked for help towards his investment and tax planning needs. During the course of our discussion I suggested him to prepare his retirement plan as well. After he agreed I collected his personal details required for preparing his retirement plan.

As per the details provided by him and based certain assumption, I prepared his retirement plan. At the time of planning his age was 25 and his monthly expenses were Rs.30000 p.m. One of his requirement was to maintain same standard of living post retirement. We assumed his retirement age to be 60 and life expectancy to be age 80. Expected Inflation and ROI was assumed as 6% and 9% for life respectively.

As per retirement plan he was required to create a corpus of Rs.4.2 Cr. to achieve his retirement goals. To create this retirement corpus he was required to save Rs. 14279 p.m. from age 25 till age 60. After sharing these details with him due to professional commitment and other busy schedule he kept this plan pending and has not acted immediately on the same.

After 10 years he came back and he was keen on implementing his retirement plan. We did reworking on his retirement plan based on details provided last time and considering his current age, with same assumption. As per his current age he was suppose to create same retirement corpus in lesser no. of years. As per his retirement plan now he is suppose to save Rs. 37467 p.m from age 35 to 60 to achieve his retirement corpus goal.

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As we can see due to delay in taking decision now he is required to save more than double amount at the age of 35 instead of what he was required to save from age 25  till age 60, To create same retirement corpus. suppose If he delays his retirement savings till age 45 then saving required will be Rs.1.11 lacs p.m. Almost 6.5 times then the amount required to be saved from age 25.

AGE Amount Needed to Accumulate Rs. 4.24 Cr at Retirement (60 years)(at 9% compounded annual return) No. of times of savings compared with saving at age 25
25                   14279
30                  22944 1.61
35                  37467 2.62
40                  62892 4.4
45                 111005 7.7
50                217065 15.02


With the above calculation we have tried to explain cost of delay in retirement planning can be very costly. It’s advisable to start retirement savings as early as possible to take advantage of power of compounding. Call now to make your retirement plan and start saving!