Protect Your Legacy For Your Loved Ones Through A WILL

Protect Your Legacy For Your Loved Ones Through A WILL

Most of the people think of redistribution of income and health as, if I will die you will get the proprietary rights, if you die I get them and if we both die the kids will get it. We are sure the word WILL planning will lead you to such thoughts. But the reality is something else. Yes, let’s reveal what WILL Planning actually is.

Will planning is an extensive procedure ventured during one’s lifetime to make sure that the possessions are allocated to your preferred recipients in the case of your demise. Usually, will and estate planning emphasize on ensuring that the loved ones (the alive members) are provided for after the demise of a person and that the substitution of possessions to intended recipients happens as per the deceased’s wishes.

Estate planning is generally utilized to minimize those taxes when demise occurs irrevocably without jeopardizing the deceased’s intentions. In this situation, trusting a financial advisor can turn out to be helpful.

Well, if you die without formulating a will, then your assets will be subdivided on the basis of the rules defined by the government. And this depends on your ownership of the assets, family members and the control of your assets. The best way to ensure that the people you intend to get the possessions do inherit them are by WILL creation. Without any will, the legislation commands as to who will inherit the deceased’s estate when and how.


There are two general misinterpretations regarding the intestacy rules that if a spouse dies, the surviving partner will naturally inherit the entire property. But in the event if the financial worth of the entire estate is going over 2 crores and there are kids, or if the estate exceeds 3 crores and there no kids, but surviving sisters and brothers.

The second misinterpretation is regarding the unmarried partners (cohabiting).

The laws are not applicable to this sort of relationship and the intestacy rules are only applicable for the spouse or civil partners and blood relatives. In case there are step children in the scenario and your assets are being divided in accordance with the rules of intestacy then this may leave them vulnerable – financially.

A WILL creation is necessary to make sure that your legacy is protected by those whom you trust and inherited to the intended. And if you leave without one, then your loved ones only get some of the death benefits from your assets.

Well, for all this to work accordingly, you need a professional who can guide through the WILL creation procedure.

It may seem convenient to cut back on costs by going for an online or a DIY WILL creation, but you need to deal carefully with this matter.


There are strict rules and regulations for creating and signing a WILL but considering that these rules are observed, you can prepare a valid will yourself without a solicitor. Even though the documentation may be legitimate as a ‘WILL’, its conditions may be inapposite to the person’s prospects and wishes. If the WILL is not drafted properly, then it may happen that your property will be divided under the intestacy rules and your loved ones might have to go to the court.

Court proceedings may end up into extra expenditure and your loved ones have to suffer the adjournment in order to sort out the situation which could be extremely complicated if the relevant parties do not agree on a similar strategy. If you go with the DIY you are endangering your assets just for saving some money. Instead, choosing a professional will give you the assurance that the ‘WILL’ is legit and valid.

You can state your conditions to the professional as this won’t result in complications for the family and friends after a person’s demise. The professional (solicitor) will instruct you on estate (inheritance) tax, whether the tax can be avoided or reduced and how to safeguard the children.

The advisor will lead you through the following considerations:

  • To maximize the net worth that has to be transferred to the recipients.
  • To maintain the equality and moderation for the kids.
  • To prepare the monetarily oblivious individuals for the responsibility of handling the wealth.
  • To maintain peace in the home.
  • To attain important benevolent undertakings.

So now the essential question is when should a person formulate a WILL?


Well, many people believe that they would prepare a will when they get older but one should consider creating a will at an early stage as we don’t know what the future holds.

Once a will is prepared, you should keep it under assessment. This is equally important as preparing the WILL as financial and personal prospects changes along with the taxation laws. Another important aspect to note down is that, you should always consider to take help of a finance expert to better evaluate your WILL planning.

Assess it whenever there is any significant change in your life so that it would still reflect your intentions.

Many people avoid formulating a WILL as they get concerned about the costs of making one.  However, the cost you spend is worth for your family after your death.

We are pretty aware of the fact that ‘to picture you planning for your death can seem hard at times’ but we are the helping hand for your WILL Planning, insurance policies and other headstones. Remember this is would be the same place your family will be. Even they won’t have any idea about what to do. So better help them today with your decision.

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